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What would be a way to get the local tracks to look at adding the 206 to the classes ....really don't want to buy one an run it to let them see how they are then decide not to add them.....how did y'all get the 206's started
Depends on your area. The local track I run most often is all 206s, go down the road an 1 1/2 away and its clones, goto the sprint track 2 1/2 hours south and its mostly Honda of all things.
Yeah there was a post on a local forum....p r photo board they were talking about a new class an all I asked what about the 206....got a smart a*#answer of "a class faster than Jr unrestricted "....so probably not gonna happen
There is a lot of attitude towards anything with a rev limiter. Lot of people equate top speed with great racing, not always the case. I've found the Lo206 packs the field together more and makes for close quarters racing. Depends on what you like. My Lo206 at my local track is a second faster than my box stock clone.
At our 1/7 mile pavement track the LO206 is 1 sec slower then the pro class (animals) was, plus we have pack racing. Same with the Jr.s, most of the time 10 karts on the same straight or corner at the end of a 20 lap race and everyone on the same lap.