Loading Up For Harrisburg Pa..

Dover Power

We have already begun loading the trailer for Harrisburg Pa Swap Meet Nov 2nd..
This year we will loaded with deals that Cost $5 bucks.. You will be surprised what you can get for 5 bucks from us..

I will be listing items we are known for along with some new additions.. This list will grow as the time gets closer..

2) 10'x 20' Easy Up Canopy / Tents (RED Only)
4) 10'x15' Easy Up Canopy / Tents (Black Only)
4) 10x15' Easy Up Canopy / Tents (Hoosier Purple)
4) 10'x10' Easy Up Canopy / Tents (Black Only)
3 or 4 Totally Refurbish WKA Briggs Flatheads
1) Refurbished Briggs FH Modified
** NEW 2020 AKRA Clone Engines (Count ??)
** NEW AKRA / NKA Short Blocks
** New AKRA Long Blocks
** Full Line of Holy Moses Clone Classes Carbs
** Predator Hemi / Non Hemi Blueprinted Air Box Carbs for Pure Stock Class
** Predator Hemi Trick OEM Type Parts
** Predator Hemi Air Filters ($5)
** Race Tire ReHab
** NEW for 2019/2020 Our Mr Max Green Oil For Gas Burning Engines

UP Dated 10/19/2020

More to come
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Dover Power

Added 4 More 10x10 Black Tents... These are the strongest tents I've ever seen.. 100% steel construction,, the Legs are double the size of todays ezzy up tents... And at ONLY $89 ea..

Also bring a Champion 9000 watt surge Generator,, Like NEW,, only 25 hours on it,, electric start, wheel kit,, gas or propane $425 (only 1)
3-4 New 2020 AKRA Clones
1) Briggs FH Small Open Modified (USED) Rebuilt
2-3 Stock Class B&S Flatheads (Rebuilt)
Full Line up of our Nationally Known HOLEY MOSES Carburetors
Also Our BRAND New Mr Max Green Oil (Best Protection Oil we have ever seen) 1 change per race day (one class)
**** Oval Kart Bodies (NEW) Few different colors.. $129 while they last, very well made, we have sold out the last 2 years within 3 hours....