Longacre scales, what do they tell you?

alvin l nunley

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I was just looking at the Longacre web site, trying to find out some information on their scales, but they don’t tell you much.
I was trying to find out just exactly what information they give you. Of course they give you the corner weights, I’m pretty sure of that, but what about the front total and the cross and the left? Are those numbers you have to calculate or does the display show those too?
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the ones i had, you could turn off any corner/s you wish to display any % you want. if you want to read nose weights, just select the two front corners. do you feel you are more comfortable with rear weight instead, then select the rears. you can do the same for left and cross as well.
What Duane said. Mine give you total weight and all 4 corner weights individually, and by turning off the corners you don't need, you get front, rear, left and cross percentages so you don't need to calculate from the corner weights, though you could if you wanted to be a glutton for punishment, lol.
Best to find a set that displays your %'s as well as your weight's if you could. The set we have is like described , it is okay, the other type is much nicer to use. With less chance for mistakes.
My Longacre scale set gives all percentages, as described above, you just turn off the right side corners to get left %, LF and RR to get cross, etc. It's about 12 years old, so it certainly represents a state of the art that's been around for a long time. I doubt that Longacre currently makes any scales that don't give % as well as actual weight.
The high dollar ones I have used that friends let me, showed the percentages in the "middle" of the computer box and each corner weight as well. For this "po boy" as Sneaks started......the $180-$200 for (4) digital postal scales set on a very level garage floor with 2x8 wood roll off/on sections set just in frt or back of the scale pads works quite well for us now being the typical Sat. night fellas. Divide the total weight into the 2 desired weight sections that we are trying to get for percentages . I guess my monthly cell service and cell phone calculator is finally paying for itself. :rolleyes: A quick double or triple check with the calculator ensures accuracy as best as possible......if I just could get my 10 year old kid to quit wiggling in the kart when scaling we would have it made. LOL
total weight, all 4 corner weights, rear , left , right, and cross.
All at the same time.
different models may toggle frt and rear ,or rf /lft rear with rr/lft frt for road race set up.
You still dodging the question?

Was that a “?” or a statement “!”, because I have, in order not to bore anybody, sent private e-mail.

What info did you expect the scales to give?

It was a request for information, nothing more.

They give all the info any racer would need to properly set up.

I have no doubts about your being correct. The key word being “need”, as I have an Excel spreadsheet that gives you, along with all apparent scale information, a lot more information. The jury is out on whether you need this additional information, but it’s there. It’s usefulness is a determination left up to the operator.
Still, one thing I can tell you, like any spreadsheet, it can be saved for future reference. Can you do that with the scales, or the cell phone??
I assure you my request was in no way meant to cast any doubts on anybody’s electronic scales, or the information they provide.
I have never personally seen any electronic scales and the web sites give you very little information and no pictures of the readouts.

Comments, compliments, criticisms and questions always welcome.
If the data does not support the theory, get a new theory.
Comp cams ver. Nine sheets.
Kart front left cross
360 46 57 63
360 165.6 208.78 226.08 RF + LR
360 165.6 205.20 226.8 nine sheets.
73.79 91.81 134.99 59.41
72.0 93.6 133.2 61.2 nine sheets
The same percentages, but some different numbers. You can use your calculater and see the numbers on nine sheets are correct.

Comments compliments criticisms and questions always welcome.
If the data does not support the theory, get a new theory.