looking at a trick


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I'm going to be looking at a kart with a trick frame but the guy says he doesn't know for sure what year the chassis is.. So I was wondering is there a serial number that I should see somewhere that can tell me what year it is? Plus whats the lowest year that would still be competitive for dirt oval if it matters
A 2006 apex is still good and anywhere newer, (riddler,joker,voodoo,redemption,scorpion). Won a track championship in 2010 on a 2006 apex...4th in state in 2011 and 2013 on a 2010 voodoo.
Don't see many of them left around here. The panoz buggy is still very good rode one a year or two ago and was extremely fast.
From 2000 to present, the serial number will be stamped on the RF plate.
You can (and should) call the factory to confirm model and year. 704 883-0089