Looking for a crf450 builder

I'm working on a kart project and am currently in the information gathering stage. Goal is to mount a Honda crf450 on a CIK kart frame for asphalt road racing. The road courses are between 2 and 3.5 miles per lap. The major question is whether to keep the transmission or gut it and go with a jackshaft or direct drive.

For now I'd like to source an crf 450 engine builder and understand the advantages and disadvantages of running the transmission. Afterwards have the ready to race engine built.

Who are the people/shops that build the crf450 engines?


Dawg 89
I think weight is one reason to drop the trans .
Road racing it would seem a trans and nearly indestructible clutch would be an advantage .


For that application I think removing the trans and using an axle clutch would be my choice, but that would not be my engine of choice due to its weight and physical size. But make sure you share it so we can see how it does. There is a guy in the NW here who road races a 450 with trans intact. Gearing it tall enough with the trans in tact will be a hurdle. The guy Im talking about uses a custom made engine sprocket that moves it out to allow a 26 tooth to fit. 15 is as big as I can run on mine. FYI the primary ratio on my 2004 crf450 is 2.7:1 Good Luck!


Forget direct drive you'll need a bulldozer to start it lol. Like stated ^^^^^^^ keep trans or go axle clutch , would be a smooth ride with axle clutch Chuck.