Looking for a little more HP!


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I am going to ask a dumb question but I know there are several smart people on here that would be willing to help I am sure. I am fairly new to kart racing and have been racing at a new locally track that has no rules as of now. When they come up with some rules then I will do something different then. It is about a 1/8 mile in size.

I have a yellow clone with a cl2 cam and a aluminum flywheel and 18lb. value springs. The carb has been rejetted also. I was looking for maybe a budget upgrade like a head swap. I was thinking about a 14cc head with a flattop piston but don't know if this is a smart move or if there are better options out there.

I am also up for ideas to make a all out big motor.

What's your guys ideas. Any help is greatly appreciated.

the flattop will give you a boost and from what i learned, the 14cc head will give you more also depending on what you have done to it. the least i would do is to get a set of champion rockers and use them. the honda flattop runs about $15 and ARC has the head for $45. $60 power increase isn't bad. others might recommend more expensive things and i would sure listen to them, but if you're like me, i have to look at my budget for racing to determine what direction i need to go.

anyway, make sure that you have a good rod to back up the increases that you plan to make. a billet rod doesn't add or take away power, but it sure is good insurance for any increases that you plan to make.

when you talk about a big motor, without spending a small fortune to get one of the literally bigger motors, i would recommend a 212cc predator...one of the new ones with the hemi head....not soley for the hemi head, but the bottom end allows you to use the 196 clone cams. and while some will argue about it....when your talking kart racing, size does matter...
Mikey56 makes some good points!!
Compression is the “Holy Grail”!! All else being equal, more compression, “up to a point”, is always better than less compression. Thing is, with more compression comes other things that need to be attended to.
“Up to a point”?? More compression needs higher octane fuel. Maybe a colder plug. Maybe a little less timing. Maybe a change in jetting.
Gas has a limited high, as far as octane is concerned. And know this; High octane fuel, by itself, “does not!!” give you more power, but with more compression, (which does give you more power) you may need more octane to prevent detonation. Detonation is a big power robber. Not to mention the fact that it’s very hard on engines.
Comments, Compliments, Criticisms and Questions always welcome.
Good cam, check out smallenginescams.com (isky) black mamba what RPM range do want to turn it? & 26lb springs 1.3 rocker on the intake (or both) and good valves SS or at least stock Honda valves, billet rod for sure, flattop piston go to methanol if you can and a good bored s/a carb .650 ?, you will see a nice bump in power.
If you don't have a 14 head take your 22 head and mill .080 off.get your piston up
by using a longer rod.either a .010 or .020 use the thin .009 .010 gasket.
toss the 18 and go 26 springs.not a lot of money spent and a good bang
for the buck.

Now if you want to go more their are lots of ways to go.
just tossing stuff out.
mill a 14cc head .040 or if you don't want to do that use bigger valves don't mill it and will come
in at around 16cc.port it real good.still get the piston up as close as you can.
pick a good cam say 308 and go with 1:3 rockers and 26 springs.
if you don't want to spend big money on ratio rockers then go bigger with cam
say 356 0r 360 then stay with 1:1 rockers and use the champion or other.
go 32-37 single spring or if you want dual, but then spring pockets will need to
be cut.I cut them either way.carb of your choice but a tilly will wake it up.
go big pipe .0930 or bigger.their is more but this is a start.
modifiedman has some great points....would warn you about one thing....using the 356 cam. i have it in both of my motors. it's a monster that's for sure, but unless you are on a big track and stay in the throttle all the time, you're not going to get as much out of the cam as what a F275 or 308 will give you unless you run it up to over 8000 rpm. this is what i've learned....once you hit that magic rpm point for the 356, it's a rocket....but you have to get it up there and on a short track, your not going to be hitting that consistently. i'm on a 4/10 medium banked paved oval and we are WOT from the drop of the green so we have the time to get it up to speed, but when you are on and off the throttle constantly, then you're not going to hit the rpm point very often.

i've learned this!! just sayin!!
Thanks guys! I been montiering this thread and you all have some great advise. I think I am going to put a 14cc head on and the flattop piston and billet rod for now and maybe later try a different cam later. Thanks
You can pick up a 14cc head on ebay for $20-25.00...just make sure you ask seller to verify it is a 14cc head
And the rings for the flat top piston are more than the piston...