Looking for a QRC Shorty

Try Ryan Foster Chassis, he is established on the west coast and builds & races,his chassis. What is important is that his company is a direct competitor to the QRC brand and it is a healthy competition between the brands. New Ideas are always being built in to the chassis and I am proud to say the Big Block Ultra is a part he is installing on all of his chassis! The chassis has been fairly dominate in the Box stock and beginner box classes with the DragGone being implemented with his products. The winged classes are fairly rough and building a chassis that can take the abuse is very valuable when looking at the cost to keep a kart racing on the track each week.

RFC on face book is a good place to start maybe he has some chassis to sell that are used. They have won most of the beginner box classes since the start of the indoor season and as I wrote above, the B Block Ultra is a standard part installed on the new chassis and retrofitted karts with the Subaru EX27 blocks ( 10 hp ) and up thus B Block. This mount also fits the Honda 305s and the Briggs V Twin. Chris Raudman has brought the B Block engine mount to the series with great success, rookie of the year and series champion at Red Bluff race track and the series .He is also the point man for the sales of the mounts in California 530 524 9324. He also might be a person to contact about a used kart as well, I hope this helps.

the 21rwr kart is nice, and priced reasonably. But it isnt a shorty. May not matter, you can make it fit a little guy .. as far as that goes, showstoppers kart is nice too, also not a shorty ..
They are wanting a shorty period! Thanks for the heads up Josheezpa. Shane I will have them give you a call. Thanks.
the #11 show stopper kart is sold !!!!!!! well pending payment. all the box stockers will be sad to here it will stay in the Knoxville area lol !!!! proud to announce we will run a olson x outlaw for the 2014 season.
the buyer asked me not to say you will not believe it. I still don't there may be some hope for conversion karts

Now that just makes us wonder. LOL. And there's definitely nothing wrong with conversions, as you know real well. 4 of our 8 cage karts are converted. And I just built another one for a friend at the end of this season