looking for go kart lift plans????


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Hey I am wanting to build a kart lift ........ for my kart but I need a little start. Anyone have any ideas??
I am looking to build one with a 12v winch.
Yup that's the one. I am looking for some plans to get started I can add to them as I go just don't know how to go about the measurements to get it going.
I know the hook part can only be 20" between them due to the bumper bar being that size.
Before the site went down, there was someone that was e-mailing the plans to people. Maybe someone remembers who that was. I could still use those plans if he reads this.
Hi Allen bumper hooks are perhaps the one individual component Fab'd per you bumper needs. Kart lifts are basically are Ironing Board with one set on legs. The base is going to be the starting point for all you are going to build. 27-30" wide about 27-30" back to were the base needs to jog up for caster wheels . The angle piece of 1 1/4 square tube needs to angle up for caster wheel as it it taller than the front fixed wheels. and is were the lifting portion lays . Now for the part that does the lifting, this section will be set at length by the base from angled tube. You are building two 3/4 squares with one fitting inside the other And being fixed together at the base with a long 3/8 1/2 bolt with two mounting tabs << Ace Hardware has these if you don't want to make them. The base ends will need sleeves through welded to prevent wear and wobble. The Wired Remote Control Wench 1500-2000lb er, ether a cable or a strap will work. For a cable or a strap you will need a roller at the rear of lift to give triangulation for the lift. I would also add bracing between rear cross tube and wench base. A deep cycle Marine Battery will also be needed. Hard card board laid out on a wok table with your set of wheels front $ back. You can use a 2x4 as you simulation of the ground to set your wheels up against. Stack your cut pieces on top of each other so they come out the same per side and Tac those together. Tac the rest of thing together and see how it moves. And if all is good Mig/Tig/Oxy/Arc to a finished lift. All the squares ends can be butt or 45deg fits.