Looking for information on a Bug 2000 chassis


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I have a Bug 2000 chassis that is set up for a KT100 engine. I can’t find a lot of other information on it, other than it was Manufactured by K&P Manufacturing in California, and it’s basic specs from old advertising. It appears that they were introduced in the early 90’s, and possibly made till the early 2000’s.

The chassis appears to be in good shape, and I’m wanting to go through it and replace bearings, and replace any worn parts that I find. I’m also trying to find what models of Enginetics master and caliper they used to find rebuild kits, or suitable replacements if the rebuild parts aren’t available. The goal for the kart will be a play toy that’s 2 stroke powered. Racing isn’t in my, or the kart’s future.

Thanks for any help.


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bearings and tie rod ends any bearing shop. most have numbers etched in them . or measure.
brake assembly's most likely measuring them will be best.
Google vintage karts, may be help there.
a Bug expert may chime in.


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Unfortunately, the Bug 2000 doesn’t fall into the vintage category. The earliest mention of it is 1991.