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We have had several inquiries about running go karts at US 24 Speedway. How many of you would be interested in running Sunday’s? Please visit our FB page US 24Speedway and let us know.


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I would think with other closest tracks to you not operating this season, it would be a good opportunity to run at least a limited schedule.
Might be a little late in the deal to get solid car counts on a weekly basis. Several teams that I know of already made commitments to run some other tracks even though they are a bit of a drive for them.
Give it a shot.
The nice thing about karts is they don't need a cut up and prepped track like the 600s. Hard and slick (as long as it's smooth) seems to be the common fare, and they will run for a percentage of their own money (entry fees.)
Who will you have for a parts vendor or tech?

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Yes with all the tracks closing up in northern Indiana. We got a group of 6 to 8 RWYB’s looking for a close track to run. Think you could get a good show in all classes.