Looking for new chassis


If you feel like a new chassis will make you faster, get one. You need to eliminate everything you think could be costjng you time. If you get a new chassis, get it set up by one of the best, and you are still a little off, you KNOW without a doubt that you have to focus on tires.
The only question is, is it worth $4000 to you to figure that out?
Thanks for the replies.
I’m almost positive that you’re in my area.. E Tn, IMO and you know how opinions are.... choosing a good chassis is just like choosing a good engine builder or a tire guy, you decision should be based on how good of support that you’re going to get from manufacture and the local guys on that chassis, of course the more people on a particular kart the more info is available, you just have to establish that trust factor with anyone you’re dealing with whether it’s tires, engines or chassis the advantage is not the kart but merely the support information you can gain
Alan, the Triton was one of the best, if not the best, kart ever made IMO. But after so many races, things start to weaken, even frames, we all know components do. You have to ask yourself, how many races have i put on this kart and could it be to that point where it needs replacing. You been racing long enough, in your heart you know what to do, just follow your heart.


Earl I know things don't last forever. The reason I got on a triton was I was tried of beat by them. I have really taken good care of this chassis replacing parts when needed. I guess Im going to ride it until it stops holding numbers or something else.
Im looking at 2 different chassis one the rival and the hammer by alex Cunningham. Its a hard call, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.