Looking for other kart racing forums

:) Wow, I guess karting has it's problems, it always has as far back as I can remember.
It must be easier to blame me. :)

Much thanks to you guys taking up for me. Appreciate it.
There are a lot of people who think they have a better idea, but they don't want to put any time or effort into it. After all, they have been karting for a couple of months now and know about all there is to learn. But they sure would like someone else to waste a bunch of time working on their idea. By the way Bob, you are responsible for 'ALL' the karting short comings, problems and failures. I'm sure you didn't realize that......... Hmmmm..........👌😊
Someone should start a new forum, innovative with new ideas to keep people coming and engaging in the sport. Most people I talk to in the racing world have never heard of this site or care

It takes a LOT of effort and time to build a community. Not to mention you have to convince 1,000s of people to participate in order for it to actually flourish.

For pavement racing, there’s kartpulse.com which is a site I run. It’s taken seven years to get to the point that we’re at right now of around 1.25m search impressions a month. That stat will tell you a little about the volume of folks looking for karting information. Wether that’s good or bad I guess is up to one’s own judgement.

KartPulse is not as big as 4cycle overall, but there’s a larger pavement sprint contingent. Google ads show for non signed in visitors, but they’ll likely go away soon. Not worth the the crappy experience for people.

I’m grateful that we have both Bobs and kartpulse, you can see that I enjoy visiting here quite often.

There’s also the karting subreddit on Reddit. One of the most trafficked websites in the world.

To me, it seems like you might have conflated inbound vs outbound acquisition. If one’s looking to raise awareness for something, then outbound is the way to go. Forums are not outbound, the visitors are people that already aware of x topic\hobby and are searching on the web using their favorite search engine..

You can "attract" attention to forums of course. Ie run ads to send traffic. But then the reality of economics come into play. Forums are not a good vehicle to actually get a good ROI on that approach (I've tested it). Running ads and other outbound campaigns makes more sense for larger karting organizations and dealers to do because they stand to reap larger benefits. I share forum topics via our KP facebook page from time to time, but to re-emphasize, it's hard to justify the time and dollar commitment for a more results oriented "professional" campaign.
In theory, industry members would get behind such a campaign for it to make it worth doing and would benefit from the economies of getting behind a shared initiative... But alas that's like herding cats to get them to agree on the approach :d

At the end the day it’s easy to be a critic. The sport is littered with critics and people with “ideas”. To me I don’t care what ideas people have unless they’re going to put some skin in the game. Ideas are worthless because they are everywhere.

Hopefully this give some more context. Tell us what you’re going to do (vs what you say) so we can get behind it. “Make it happen cap’n’” as they say.
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Also, gotta add... When you said "looking for other kart forums", it made be wonder what the results of a web search looks like.... My results are biased to my search profile of course.. But still, all the heavy hitters are there..

This forum is how I learn most of what I know in karting. Bob also help me start my body business. I made 1post and was covered up for 5 years. Jamie Webb showed me how to make tire prep. There was every thing on the old site. You want karting to grow why don't promoters use this free site for their races. I run uas and you would there races where top secret. You can't find them anywhere. Thanks Bob
You've been a member for less than 2 months....criticize the very specified field of the racing market this website targets....and have yet responded to anyone.
My guess....bot or troll. There are TONS of websites SPECIFIC to a target audience. There are other dirt oval forums out there, but Bob's surpasses them both in thread count as well as member involvement.

To those that are involved with dirt KART oval racing and don't know about Bob's....they are the racers left in the dark of the unknown lol. Not the other way around saying Bob's needs to reinvent itself.

Nope I'm real. Been on here forever. Read everyone's answers. Thanks for everyone's time. My biggest problems I think lie in the innovation.
This site is great but the main man in charge, doesn't seem to care much past that. I can't do anything for this forum if Bob is stuck in his ways. I've tried and have been EXTREMELY vocal on here, to Bob even.

Account is still blocked, but he doesn't care, he was sticking to his ways, come he'll or high-water. Passion only gets you so far in this sport, then it's who ya know and how much cash ya got.

Thanks again for everyone replies. Love the passion in a few for sure.
My biggest problems I think lie in the innovation.
What does innovation look like to you? What do you want to do and who is it for?

Honest question. I think your heart’s in the right place but you’re barking up the wrong tree to so speak.

The problem with ideas when people come to me with them, is they mean extra work on my part…. and I’m at my commitment limit. Like anyone else I’ve got family, work etc and those always come first.

Now if someone comes with an idea AND commitment to make it work, then I can help. NorCal Karters and KartChaser are two examples. They didn’t just have ideas, they had clarity on where they wanted to start, were ready to commit to their ideas. So I was able to help get them going in different ways.
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