Looking for places to fine good deals on kart parts


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Just getting a used Champ kart and will be looking for parts throughout the winter.
Can you give me some pointers on websites that are reputable and have a good selection of parts.

Some sites will vary on what you can buy depending on what kind of chassis dealer they ate most of the time.
Do you know what brand champ it is Vic?
Jc specialty for everything else you might need but you might want to ask around on here or call trick Olympic for kart parts. And from what I've seen you can transplant a lot of phantom items onto a trick kart.
Thanks guys, I'm basically looking for gears, and a couple different dirivers for a 3 disk Bully clutch and a few other parts .

If u are lookin for new parts close to u , to save on shipping , george bark for sure , if u are looking for used close to u try heater63 ...
Contact Heater63. He's a stand-up guy and he won't charge extra for paypal or mysterious "handling" charges. He's got what you're looking for.