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I'm looking to get into the unlimited karts next season due to relocating and not having anywhere to run a micro sprint. Are there any race ready karts for sale in Ohio or western PA? What tracks run these karts around Lima, Ohio?

Justin Westerfeld has a icon with crf450r on it
He is in the Cincinnati area
Really top notch equipment
He just sold one the other won't last long
He has a post on here
Thats a little bit of my price range. I'll most likely end up piecing 1 together. Hows the KT100 stack up against the UAS series? What are the most common used motors?
Here we go again folks.....Sterling Sterling its not even January yet and you are already on here playing people.
Thats a little bit of my price range. I'll most likely end up piecing 1 together. Hows the KT100 stack up against the UAS series? What are the most common used motors?

A KT100 is not even close.... Twin open kt100's couldn't make it in to a big UAS race big power is what you need and it's not cheap be prepared to spend 6,000 to 10,000 for a top running kart
In the end, if one wants to race and win instead of messing with a lot of underpowered engines and bad handling karts a man is better off just waiting and saving to buy top notch stuff. Its cheaper. And that 450 kart is at the top.
John Hilton has complete packages available as well. He just bought a guy out in FL. Sudams on alcohol.... this is an awesome package if you are 190ish lbs or lighter.

I will agree 100% with Jerry, JawaMaster09, a Yamaha KT is a total waste of time.

SRT, first fill out some of your profile. It will help people on here help you. Being that you are kinda new to the UAS, I think you would be wasteing your money to invest $10,000 in your first kart. Keep your eyes and ears open and you can pick up a nice kart, complete for less than $2500. Now you will have a kart that will be in the hunt and it will leave you some money to learn with. If you already have a kart, look around for a nice engine, jack shaft, and clutch package. Before you start thinking about twins, get one motor running on a track well. There is a whole lot to learn but if your lucky enough to be in a good area with some good sportsman racers, you will have a great time. Almost all the UAS guys I have raced with will go out of their way to help you in any way they can. We plan on getting out to the Pittsburgh area this year, if you get a chance, stop by and I can show you what we are doing. Good Luck Man, Steve Windle Sr.
Thanks for the information, anybody with any more info please let me know.

Barry, you truly do amaze me by how immature you still are. Yes, I've made mistakes and done stupid things in the past but we've all been there. I've changed a few things around and now I'm 20 years old currently attending UNOH for automotive and high performance to further my career in racing, rather it be as a mechanic or driver. I think if you had any idea of the type of person I really am I believe your posts would be the complete opposite, but considering we've never met or talked face to face before, you have no idea who Sterling Theiss really is. So until then, please keep your unnecessary comments to yourself.

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