Looking to buy your complete package

Getting my kids into racing and looking to buy someone’s entire package. Best way to reach me is through text 8048960701. Let me know what you got. I have cash and ready to make a purchase.


What are your kids ages
I am in NJ and have 1 full size set up for a 12 yr old and 1 for adult but could be switched.
i have a 12 and a 6. i want a full size for for both and will install seats and pedals accordingly. i would like to buy a trailer and everything 1 shot if possible. i use to race about 15 years ago so i wouldnt mind gettin back in the seat myself.


I think I may have what you are looking for. Everything...karts.. motors (2 clones and flathead).. war wagon (smaller version).. trailer... All you would need to do is hook up to the trailer and go race.. if Interested I can send you a text tmrw? Or call you tmrw? Located in kernersville nc...