Lower Alabama Speedway

I will post race dates and schedules on this thread to keep people updated. We would love to welcome anyone to come out and join us at our local weekend track.

This is the first year of the track and kart count and the stands have been packed every race. The track owners and staff are doing a remarkable job running the track and are listening and responding to all questions and concerns as they arise.

The groove measures +/- 525ft according to my Mychron 5.

Classes offered nearly every race are:

Box Stock Predator Classes:
Kids Ages 6-10 :290lbs min
Kids Ages 11-15 :290lbs min
Light: 330lbs min.
Medium: 350lbs min.
Heavy: 375lbs min.

Modifications Allowed:
Clutch: Drum only
Exhaust: Stock Muffler or Weenie pipe only
Fuel tank: Stock or top plated/relocation allowed.
ALL else to remain stock

Clone 196cc:
AKRA/NKA Engine Specs
Light: 330lbs min
Medium: 350lbs min
Heavy: 375lbs min

No tech, No weight

Belt Driven Class
Chain Driven Class
No weight, no tech

Sometimes other classes are added if 4+ Karts show up or want to make one. Ie: Yard Karts, Super Heavy, etc.

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