Lowering Cross is the only way to find speed...


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Nope. Brake travel has quite a bit of throw to it before contact.

This is looking like a Cant be my driver, whats wrong with my kart? post. I agree with xxx40, it does indeed look like she rides the brake. Unless youre sending your child out with a kart with less than optimum braking ability.


This post has been driving me crazy to read. Leave the kart alone and focus on getting her more and more comfortable in side by side racing and passing. THEN work on the kart. Without the 100% entire setup......front to back...side to side and top to bottom.....any suggestions is just guessing and opinions. If she's fast enough to run up front, focus on her confidence and continue to ensure her she's doing a great job. When she's ready, she'll set sail.
This is looking like a Cant be my driver, whats wrong with my kart? post. I agree with xxx40, it does indeed look like she rides the brake. Unless youre sending your child out with a kart with less than optimum braking ability.
here's a better video at a smoother track. The incredible bouncing in the previous video must have made you see it that way. Roll it forward to 1:40ish and you'll see that she's just simply setting her foot to the pad. I really don't think she is as there's alot of gopro footage I have on her and in kid karts she did occasionally do this and I used it to prove to her that she was. That said, at age 5 I told her that if she uses them at the same time, she would Break her go-kart... That was the last time she ever touched them until a caution came out or it was time to exit the track. Ironically she did do a bit of pushing in this video as she really wanted to win this special event race.


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the 45 point range
All tires the same? Why?

Sorry, I'm mean, So that's what you are using. Ok. Shes doing great from what your saying.
And you have a very good idea about the kart.

If it was mine, I would have less on lr and more on lf. And definitely, keep the rside, the same.

Just saying......
I'd prefer to keep the thread where it started... With comments/suggestions being helpful.
Spent over 7 hrs with the King last night and have now a great STARTING POINT for 2022. Thoroughly enjoyed watching the man work so diligently when it came to seat mounting and enjoyed the conversation throughout the entire process.
Going to send it for a few races as set up and see what happens. Will report back after testing which is less than a month away.
Thank you for the positive feedback. Nothing more to say till the karts hit the track.


If you want good/better information…. You need to give as mich information as possible. To start you need to tell people where and what you’re racing on. If I wasn’t from the area I’d have zero clue where you are racing after reading 4 whole pages.

You need to tell the guys… Slippery Rock… in western PA. You race during the buttcrack of day on a semi flat track comprised of loose sandy saw dusty field dirt. Zero bite dry and dusty unless overcast, a Burris or Vega would be the tire of choice, a few sets needed to get you from start to finish of varying duro.

Naugle… western PA, high bank River clay. Soft track with good bite. Night time High speed bullring racing. Hoosier/Burris/Vega can get the job done. What’s fast at Naugle will be Junk at Slippery Rock.

In those 4 pages I didn’t see Tom Dawson’s name mentioned once. If you’re racing either of these tracks chances are you know or have at least heard his name. Why? Because these are his home tracks… he has tons of wins on these tracks and is the go to tire guy for racers in these areas. Get with Tom at Transfer Tornado he can get you rolling.


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I didn’t see Tom Dawson’s name mentioned once.
Ditto and it should be a requirement for each track.
And if yer lucky nuff to find one to race he's also a "Rex O Flex" expert and winner with them and the stuff he rides today.

I have three things to say about Tom: Experience, Experience and Experience.
... that and he knows what he's doin. ... :)

... hummm did I say nuff bout Tom?
... nope he's good too and I never spent a penny with him, all this is outa 'respect' for him and his extended family.
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I kinda hate that you went to all the trouble to do
a seat re-fit when you could have kept everything
the same, added 2* of RF caster and found out if
weight transfer was the issue. Then if you
saw caster as a bandaid you would at least know
the seat re-fit would be the way to go.