LTB 51.20 piston/rings for a K-11

animal 77

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hi, i'm looking for a piston with rings for a K-11 in the size of around 51.20, anyone know if the piston port pistons will work? thanks for any help...
I think you can get this size from Vertex, but I don´t know if it is available in the US. If not I guess you can get it through Vertex in Europe. Not cheap though.
Kart Connection Plus in Pa has about 1400 100cc pistons and rings for the older Komet and Daps. I have about 300 pistons, I am short on the rings for the larger sizes. Kart Connection Plus phone number is 570-523-3002
racingscott97 I have actually been trying to reach him at Kart Connection because he was looking for a piston from Vertex not available here since I have access to Vertex in Europe during summer. Vertex in the US won't sell you things from the European catalogue as far as I know. I actually got a 51.3 this summer for a PCR but it was expensive. Called Italy and wouldn't sell me directly, called natonal dealer for Spain and wouldn't either, told me I had to order through my local dealer there, who had no clue what I needed, so I arranged everything and got it through local dealer with 2 extra dealers making money on the way. Next time I'll try through some of my old friends back there building chassis/engines. Those crazy Europeans, lol.
I bought some piston port vertex pistons to try in a tt75 (49.95) and the ring retaining pin was right in the middle of the rear transfer port. I wouldn't use it because I am afraid it would catch.