Lucas Karting Oil available at ARC Racing


We now offer a brand new product from the biggest name in racing oils, LUCAS RACING OIL. This oil has been in the works for months now and after many blends and re-blends we are ready to offer it to the karting world. This oil is a high zinc (3800zppm) and phosphorus blend with added super slick and anti-wear additives that is fully compatible with GASOLINE (pump or racing) and METHANOL engines. It has a dispersion agent that allows it to atomize very well for splash lube systems and a mild detergent to help keep your engine clean. It protects exceptionally well at high head/oil temps and is non corrosive to seals. It is a medium weight oil that is light enough for any Box Stock plate/unrestricted clone, Flathead, Animal/LO206, Predator, F200 and heavy enough for S/A and Outlaw engines. This is a one and done true karting oil that will perform in all your engines. You will be able to run it longer than most other oils. We as well as a local kart shop have done extensive dyno/track testing with this oil and the Lucas company to provide you with a dependable, long lasting, high performance true karting oil... This oil is available in gallon jugs and sells for $39.99

We also will carry the Jr Dragster oil which is the same basic blend as the karting oil, but is a much lighter weight and not as long lasting. This oil is in 5qt jugs and sells for $54.50

We also will carry a break-in oil from the people at Lucas. This is a pure zinc additive to be used during break-in. YOU WILL ONLY NEED 1 OR LESS OUNCES PER 13-14OZ OF 20W OIL...