Lug nut violation


Dawg 89
Three more violations this past weekend.
This seems like nothing more then a revenue builder for Nascar.
The race is over so safety is out the window.


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Nascar bigger than NY Traffic Dept. Too many violations, if they were traffic dept. many drivers would have loss their licences. bring back the old Nascar of the 80's ..........hope real Traffic cops take care of Nascar CEO's asses after they been drinking and driving all week , suckers.....


more reasons why I lost interest in NASCAR, all these stupid rules that affect the outcome of the races, when it supposed to be racing that determines the outcome, its a simple thing to fix but NASCAR is so resistant, go to the ONE LUG NUT set up like on indy cars and formula one, it would make it so they don't have to rush to change tires as they will be waiting for fueling, much safer for everyone on pit road and would eliminate these STUPID PENALTIES!