M3 dirt modified nose!

Hey guys.....
We got ran over this weekend - ( guy was up high - looked me dead in the eyes and came down on top of me - knocked me into infield tires) we held the lead until our nose buckled and got under the right front tire - pitching us towrds the wall...... heat race ( We wear leading )
I'm wanting to set my kart up with a m3 modified nose.... Iv seen several karts with the nose and I really love it! Plus it's a lil cheaper then a standard kart nose ( with shipping ).....

I'm told you I need to build a custom bumper....
Wounder if anyone has any pics or can get me pointed in the right direction. Thanks guys!



I guess you have to start somewhere but if I were running a stock predator the kart would be naked and I would have a jock strap only lol later Chuck.


Man didn't mean to rain on you're parade but no need for a wedge body there. I toy with the UAS and do run a wedge , do they help with Hp. maybe. I think they look cool , I just couldn't resist later Chuck.


Dawg 89
Must be unsanctioned . Rule sets I've raced under don't allow wedge bodies in stock classes .
Wedge body has worked well for us..... We are allowed - pvl fly wheel - weenie pipe - gov delete - oil sensor delete - fuel pump and plate..... Basically stock internals and stock carb/airbox..... Got a few other karts running wedge and m3 nose and they to have been fast!
We personally have had multiple wins set up like this......
Idk my feelings are kinda hurt lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣