Magnesium chloride or Urea


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anyone ever use magnesium chloride on the track or urea.
a friend of mine has a horse training stable and they spread magnesium chloride flakes on the riding stable floor with a light sprinkle of water and no dust for weeks.
in the printing industry we use urea in inks to help the printed sheets hold the moisture longer, (prevents curl in the sheet). it is also in yard fertilizer for greener yards.
Magnesium chloride flakes are commonly used on DIRT tracks were calcium chloride is not permitted....Does not work as well and is more expensive...
You can get the same affect just need to use more of it to equal out with calcium, example what took me 20 bags of calcium was 24 bags of mag. Never heard or urea but if it's in liquid form i doubt it would work near as good as calcium.