Maintaining tire size


At what size or air pressure should I “store” my tires Burris 33’s to maintain size? And say I need to grow and 1/8” do I blow it up to like 1/4” over my desired size or am I doing this wrong? Does this change from tire manufacturers? Thanks in advanced

racing promotor

Yes changes slightly between manufactures, you just need to learn your tire, I have luck with Burris 33s purging left sides of all or most air, and pump rights 10 to 12 lb to store, The LR are the easiest to grow and you might gain an 1/8" by making it a quarter inch bigger and leaving it stand several hrs, But the rights pump up 1" bigger than needed leave set like an hour and recheck. Rights are easy to shrink up to a 1/4" just purge all air and leave stand a few days. To grow heating the tire speeds up the process, To shrink quicker pull valve core heat real good and throw it in the freezer for an hour.