MAOS Pro Animal Class


For Immediate Action:

After discussion with the Sponsor of the Pro Animal class we are looking into possibly changing the engine platform to a regular animal (methanol) if anyone has already built or planned on building the Modified animal please say something ASAP it doesn't matter either way to the sponsor as they will support either engines. No one has mentioned of running the class as it is now (Modified Animal) which has the attention of the Sponsor and us as a series. We do not want to change this if there is individuals out there excited for the class as we want this class due to its speed and power it produces. So the issue is if there is no support the sponsor would rather run a regular animal as they are putting money into the purse and then later discuss a class for Modified animal throughout the season so please speak up. No matter what platform runs I know there will be at least 2 drivers for either decision. Thank you