Master link in chain

Get rid of it and use a chain breaker, one less thing to worry about breaking on the track. Believe me, you do not want a chain breaking and slinging up at you at 6000+ rpm, it can cut you up pretty good
Have used one and not used one....orient it correctly and use a fresh one that the spring clip link isn't tweaked and you'll probably be fine. When using a chain breaker it's possible to squeeze the link too far and bind the joint too, so each method has their pros and cons.... Since you need a chain breaker to change length anyhow, I usually just make a continuous chain.
I dont use a master link but I dont know why I dont.....I used to run 2 on my top gas dragbike because it was cheaper to buy the end of a chain roll and I never once had a problem.... as long as they are installed properly they will not break.
Buy a Regina chain. Use a chain breaker. Never have a problem again.

5 years pulling 25 HP and not worn out. Never broke either.
Most 2-strokes can easily exceed the design specs of std. chain that includes master links. Don't look for trouble, enough will find you accidently.
get a chain breaker best twenty bucks we ever spent. I also mark the chain each time i break it and rotate it so I don't do it in the spot every week.
Thanks guys I got a rlv gold on gold chain and just wasn't sure about the link but I got a breaker on the way. Rather be safe than sorry. It sure would suck to be leading a thousand dollar race just for the chain to snap on the last lap. Peace of mind