Matrix Chassis / TRR

Been out of Karting for a little while and looking to get back in. Anyone know if TRR racing engines is still in business or if the Matrix chassis is still being made? They use to have a website but its no longer up now.
i think i read on here the guy works for unckle franks now. not sure who builds the chassis now. i like have another one of there steering wheels.
TRR ive heard he's semi retired but I'm not sure cause lately I've been hearing different stories, but I wanna say he's wanting to retire
TRR (Tom Rayl) is alive and well and building motors. Tom doesn't sell karts anymore. Legend Chassis are still built by Negus Inc just like they have been since their inception back in the 90s. We are still building the Matrix model in fact 5 new ones are going out this week and will be running at the Turkey Chase in Lincoln. Our website isn't up to date with the latest Matrix pictures but will be soon. Dealers are listed on the site.

We have the eliminator steering wheels in stock as does Uncle Franks.


Joel Negus
Negus Inc, Legend Karts