**Max Torque Clutch Question**

Zach Jaynes

New member
Hey guys, I have a max torque clutch (it's just the basic cheap shoe clutch) for my son's jr sportsman champ kart (clone engine) and it looks as though the clutch has to be ran outboard given the way the keyway is made. My issue is that when I put the clutch on the crankshaft, there is about 1/8" or a little more space left. Is there some type of spacer made to remedy this? Never ran into this before. Thanks in advance.
We run the sprocket facing inward on the max torque's we used. You need some shaft washers to take up the space between engine and clutch.
Yes, there are some spacers you can get for them. I think I got mine form a local track vendor.
Max tourque recommends leaving that small amount of play on the shaft. We ran the same clutch with that small amount of play with no problems and now run a draggon skin the same way with no problems.