Maxxis life span

Different track surfaces and prep programs will get different life time. On a high abrasive track your looking around 60 laps maybe 80 if your lucky. On a wet track you really don't get on the tires. Those can last a year or more. We basically run them until the corners are wore out. As you run them the corners round off pretty bad. Flip them after every feature helps. I've seen a set wore out as quick as 15-20 laps on one side flip them and be junk. I've had a set I put 4 features on in one night on a decent bite surface and really didn't hurt them. Avg about 40 to 60 laps or 2-3 features for the most part. That is adult classes on pinks. Jr 1 and 2s can run on tires the adults wear out. Oops let a secret slip there. ;)