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hi, I have a 98 emmick cobra. it has mcp mc and caliper. I think these are the older cast brakes. do you guys know what brake fluid they used. I am going to rebuild both so they will be new inside. thanks, chuck


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Im pretty sure DOT 5 brake fluid (silicone) wasnt even a dream when that brake system was invented and manufactured. If you are sprint kart racing I could see maybe making the switch but dirt oval racing doesn't have much need for continuous hard braking fluids.


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Pretty sure you are wrong, I built and sold hundreds of karts during the late 90's with the cast MCP brakes. They took DOT5


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Just FYI, If you are completely rebuilding the caliper and M/C you will be replacing all the seals. I believe the new seals are compatible with Dot3, 4 and 5 and you can choose what fluid you want to use. The 90's assemblies would have had seals compatible with DOT 5 only, they had stickers on them saying so.


DOT 5 can withstand higher temps than DOT 3 or 4. Its also a different make-up. In a dirt oval scene, they will perform equally. You whatever you feel.

One thing to remember, do not mix DOT 5 with DOT 3.


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Many, MANY years ago, I remember Paul (Martin) explaining the whole issue of brake fluid in his brakes.
Dot 5 silicone is what was/is intended to be used in the OP's caliper and M/C.
We stock & sell MCP brake fluid - it is (purple) Dot 5 silicone.

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If you ever mix types, you'll get a gelatin type substance in your lines (and caliper, etc.) It's possible to get that out and successfully re-bleed with the correct fluid. But it's a real pain in the butt. #fromafriend LOL


Lol if you are on the brakes enough to worry about heat causing dot 3 to fade you might as well just go home😂