Me and my friends are going to build a GoKart and...


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We have absolutely no Idea where to start. We're all about 16 and have enough time on our hands due to the pandemic to start.

We already have the body for the GoKart, a Target shopping Cart we found, in good condition. We're going to cut it so both sides are on top of eachother directly without a gap for storage like in normal Carts.(Like this) So I've already got the body for the Kart so that shouldnt cut into our budget.

I've done some research, but all of it leaves me wondering still, confused about certain things.

Our budget is a Solid $300 by the way, if that matters. We already have the body for the car. But the main question is,

Where the hell do I start?

Do I just go out and buy a some wheels or something? How do I know which wheels to buy? How do I know which engine to buy? What kind of engine should I use? Which parts do I actually need to buy?

Can I please get some help or like a complete part list that fits in my budget?
Predator 212cc engine, Max Torque clutch and 35 pitch chain. Check the ads for everything else. You would be far better off buying a "yard kart" in need of rehab than building one from an old shopping kart with the budget ur proposing. Keep us updated on ur progress.
100$ for a predator 212cc at harbor freight.
I'd say at least 70 I'm clutch chain and a gear if you buy all brand new. There's most of your budget so buying tubing and making a frame, getting an axle, and steering components would put you way over budget. Wheels, tires, and bearings Not to mention a welder and decent tubing bender unless you already have access to said items. Then you need to design it so it would actually turn and not bottom out.
Like Compu-kart already said you should probably find a cheap yard kart and rehab it then figure a way to put your shopping cart body on it.
Personally I toyed with the idea when I was your age but realized I was way over my head and just stuck to racing them lol.

Sundog also has a great option linked but way over your budget.

Please whatever you do stay off the street with it. Watched some people get major injuries driving karts and minibikes on the street being reckless.

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Sometimes you can find a used gas-powered edger in the lawn and garden section of Craigslist for 20 or 40 bucks... They have the upright motor...
You might be able to find a clutch on Amazon for under $25...
If you get to the clutch part as the one thing holding you up I will donate a drum clutch (noram or max torque not sure which) to the project. All I ask for is a picture documenting that you need the clutch to complete. Not just going to send you a clutch. I wish the 4 of you luck on your project and admire your ambition. It is rare with todays youth.


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