Mechanical supply? Gear / Shafts / mounts or housings?


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Does anyone know of a supply house online that sells spur gears that fit 3/4 - 1" shafts.

I'm building something that requires moving / distributing the power of a clone and need to find the components - all I can find are big gear companies that sell to industry.



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do you need sliding gears? Theold craftsman we use for picking up leaves has a transaxle that uses spur gears on a 3/4 shaft.
craftsman rear engine model # 536.270111 5 speed . still have a parts manual might find an online diagram


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Did you check Motion Industries? That's where I find gears for the jackshaft on my UAS (35 chain).
McMaster-Carr, Grainger's, Martin Gear, Boston Gear, I wouild just look up in local Yellow pages for Industrial power transmission places.


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I see that they (Surplus Center) has no.35 roller chain at a good price. One section is 43" long & another is 27". Does the chain marketed by RLV have better strength for its higher price?
I used to use left over hunks of Diamond std. #35 chain on my stock 4-strokes, got it at work because they always threw left overs from full boxes in the scrap bin, it is usually only good for 1-2 races, not space chain and if used with much power the plates will weld themselves together just before they break, buy the good stuff, all I needed to see was a guy that had a scar on his elbow about 12" long, I now use only "Regina" chain.