Mega Million


old fart
closing time last drawing was 11:45pm, I bought a ticket at 11:47pm. Missed out on the last drawing but bought a ticket for tonight 2 minutes into the drawing.

I don't have a clue if I came close or not. I usually don't look at my ticket or tickets, until I hear there's an un claimed ticket out there.


The sad thing is the odds are so great you have a better chance of being struck by lightning 3 times in one hour while holding a skunk in one hand and drinking a Martini with the other one. On a Tuesday at high noon. LOL
agreed ^^^^

While the federal and state income taxes are quite substantial, the administrative overhead involved with the multi-state lotteries is mind-blowing. When the lottery was implemented in NC, the lowest paid position on the lottery commission made over $90,000 per year. These people manufactured their own industry and continue to get richer.


10 chances at being completely independent. Every body dreams a little dream of such things. But 5am rolled around and back to work.