Methanol Alky vs. e85 as a fuel alternative What are your experiences

I looked at E 100 as a fuel because there is more energy in it than methanol and the fuel consumption would be less. I can't find it is the biggest problem. I was also concerned about heat sink on an air cooled engine.

I have friends that have done the E85 on car engines but they are race cars(street based drag race stuff) for the track. Q 16 makes more power.

I think my biggest concern would be possible inconsistency of the E85, water content and so on. Can you get E85 "racing" blends? Controlled batches in sealed cans?
Mike, we can find that E100 around here, it's made in small controlled batches and usually sealed in mason jars, kinda expensive though.
E100 definitely has a lot of uses such as washing the dust from your throat after a hard charge through the pack, tire prep both inside and out, maybe even a soak, probably would make losing feel alot better too-- hmmm
Jon I tried that E100 out at our local track last year, Was running really good laping everyone then some dum ass was going the wrong direction and I almost got run ouver by everyone on the track. Good thing I told them they were all going the wrong way, Really had my kart dialed in that night turning right best it ever has.
Ok , you can get race E85, why would you want to. Alky makes more power than gas, so why fatten the mixture up with 15 percent gas unless you were racing at 40 below zero and reduce the benefits of straight alky.
Don't waste your time with pump E85. Its too inconsistant and isn't really 85% ethonol like people think. It verys. Of course Q-16 is going to make more power than E-85 on a higher compression engine. Its one of VP's best racing fuel. Alot won't use it in a kart because its oxygen inriched. It is nasty stuff. I still think Meth will make more power than even Q-16.