Micron4 interference?

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First off I'm going to do something that I'm not even sure if it's track legal.. I want to put my start and stop button on the steering wheel... I just wonder about running the wires in together with thetemperature and RPM wires if they're going to cause any kind of signal interference?...
Edit::.. sometimes I forget to be polite sorry about that thank you for everybody's time and experience...
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Yes they will / could . It's definitely recommend to keep the temp and rpm separate .
Actually previously or right now the two wires were ran together along the fuel line zip tie together....
I was kind of wondering about tying in the start button and the kill button along intertwined with that as well. Wondering if the battery voltage would throw things off? Again thank you..
I know this is an issue but I’ve always ran my temp and tach cable in a loom with no issues. Is there a particular condition when read outs become inaccurate?


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Our Digatron and mychron's were always together in a split fuel line for protection .
Until the mychron started acting up . Recommend to separate , problems went away .
Maybe a fluke , I've seen several same situations posted .
Erratic temp and or rpm readings were the issue .


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Maybe the gauge companies outsource the tach leads from different suppliers, some more sensitive than others? So they generically say to keep them separate?


When I first started in karting I put a kill switch on the steering wheel for convenience and to kill the motor in case of rollover. The very first time the engine did not start after 2 pulls, I ripped the wires out, never to be replaced.