Mid Ohio

What works on paper does not always work on the track. The front straight, under the bridge and up to the 'keyhole' is all up hill. You will never pull a 29/58. You will not see 90 mph either.

Don't have notes but I think I ran somewhere around 24/ 70.

Bob K.

95 shaw

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24 driver I can believe.
66mph on the limiter, in a draft, might be possible.

28, or 29, not so much.

Even that will dog it hard in the slow sections.
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We've never been to Mid Ohio with a 206, but. I assume you'll be running the CIK 206 class? If that's the case, get a 21T driver and start with a 58 rear gear. We have found that with a 21 tooth driver and a 57 thru 60 rear, you'll pretty much have most tracks covered.
Speed wise, they'll be in the 64-68 MPH range on most straights in a draft. At VIR, at the bottom of the down hill leading onto the front straight, in a drafting pack of 7, all of us on the limiter, the calculation was 71 MPH. I think you'd have to drop them off a building to go any faster;)
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At Gateway we saw 71mph in a draft. I think the low 70's is all a 206 with CIK bodywork will do because of the rev limiter.
We see about 93mph at Mid Ohio in the Sprint Enduro Animal class.
A 2.65 to 2.80 ratio should be close for most tracks. I think I had a 2.65 or 2.68 ratio at Gateway.