Midwest Young Guns Shootout 10/19/2019 Miller Raceway Montgomery Indiana

Brought to you by: Burris Racing, J Wildermen Auto plex, Kerns Insurance Agency, Rod Wheeler Motorsports (Saw Cuts)

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Midwest Young Guns Shootout Detail
Payout Details for Novice thru Jr 3
1st: 3’ Trophy $100 Added Money
2nd: 2’ Trophy $50 Added Money/1 Quart Krug Green Tire Prep
3rd: 1’ Trophy $25 Added Money

Payout Details for Adult Clone Medium (350#)
1st: $200 Added Money

We will be raffling off 1 set tire mounting/cutting and sizing donated by Rod and Kathy Wheeler (Saw Cuts) Fairfield, Ill. Proceeds from Raffle will be presented to Miller Raceway for their hospitality and dedication to the sport we all enjoy.

We will be raffling off 1 set tire mounting/cutting and sizing donated by Lane Miller and crew (Miller Speed Lab) Montgomery, In. Proceeds from the raffle will be added to purse/class of choice of the winning ticket holder.

We will be drawing for 1 set of RS Burris 33A’s in each class. Will be a blind draw from drivers names signed up in Novice thru Jr 3 and Clone medium classes. Total of 5 Sets have been donated by Burris Racing Corporate for this event.

There will be 2 $25 Marathon Gas will be given away to the 2 teams that had the longest pull to the show. Marathon will be the official fuel for this race. There are 2 official fuel stops for the race on both sides of track location for your convenience. Viking Mart in Montgomery, Indiana and Gasoline Alley in Loogootee, In. FUEL WILL BE TECHED ALL NIGHT!! It is in your best interest to show up with fuel from one of prior stated fuel stops.

All added money and merchandise is GURANTEED and is on top of the normal 100% payback on $20 entry fees. NO KART MINIMUMS!!

Happy Matt’s Catering (Bloomfield, In) will be on sight with a food truck for some great food while at the track!!

Finally, the Indiana State Police will be in attendance as well to maintain order and peace throughout the evenings events.
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We have had some questions on Jr's that are at a "hinge" age running 2 classes in this show. The answer is, Jr's are only allowed to run 1 class in the Young Guns Shootout. This also goes for Jr 3 drivers that could also run the Medium Clone class. I realize some tracks/regions allow this, but we are only allowing a Jr driver to run one class. If there is any questions, feel free to let us know. Looking forward to a great night of racing!!

Midwest Young Guns
Wanted to get ages and weights on all classes out there:

Rookie Red Plate 5-8 yrs old #250
Jr1 Green/Silver Plate 8-10 yrs old #265
Jr2 Purple Plate 10-12 yrs old #290
Jr3 Blue Plate 12-15 yrs old #320

Clone Medium 15 yrs and up #350

Engine/Kart tech will be by AKRA Rules

Midwest Young Guns
Start times for 10/19 have been altered due to cold weather slated for evening of 10/19

Gates open 3:30
Drivers meeting 5:30
Practice 6:00
Racing to follow immediately after practice

Looking forward to a great show!!