Mike clements passed away


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Just saw this posted:

Mike Clements, age 69 succumbed to Covid 19 this morning, Saturday, Jan 9. Please remember his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Bob Evans

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Just talked to him after he got out of the hospital with his last heart surgery. Man, I hate to hear this.
GodSpeed and prayers for Kim and the rest of the family.
Very sad day for the 4 cycle karting world. A wealth of knowledge and innovation gone. RIP Mr. Clements, you will be missed by many. Thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time.
I Haven spoken to Mike in about a year. He wasn't well then. He will be missed in the racing world. He was always a great person. Sad to hear and condolences to his family.


Prayers for the family. I always enjoyed reading Mike’s post on here talking about big power open motors and his love for them.