Mike clements passed away

alvin l nunley

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Prayers and condolences to the family. Mike will be missed here By many. His counsel and help will be sorely missed by all!! Having just suffered through similar circumstances, I understand how lucky I am! It's


You can fool some of the people some of the time
I'm sure there are many that don't know about Mike.
He has been a very influential member of the karting community especially for me.
His racing products and engines set the bar for everyone to try to compete with.
He was especially influential in the heyday of the Briggs flathead.
He provided inspiration and an example for me to follow.
My business, Faster Motors, is partly a result of Mike's example.
He will be missed!
Jim Frantz


I am truly sorry to hear this I bought lots of things from mike over the years and visited his home when he lived in Florida he was very nice to me he will be missed greatly


That was 9 days before all my body functions shut down, and I medically died. Lucky for me, I had driven myself to a good emergency room before that, so I was in a good place for them to save me..(I thought I had Covid)
Diabetic ketoacidosis, cellulitis, sepsis, then my kidneys shut down, and I suffered congestive heart failure.
All that, and here I am, and Mike lost his battle

It goes to show the incredible power of Covid... Mike was a great guy, and I think that most that knew him respected and liked him .
Rest in peace, Mike


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I never talked with him much but quickly realized he knew more than most and was always willing to share. His passing really saddened me and its hard to believe he has been gone a year. Godspeed Mike.