Mike Grady


Over in the General Section there is a thread running about Mike Grady. He is currently in the hospital with internal bleeding of an unknown origin, along with a migraine headache that they can't seem to get in check. His wife has been providing updates, on here and FB.

I think it fitting that those of us who know Mike, keep him in your thoughts and prayers and drop a message on his FB page as he is reading that with his wife in the hospital.
Yes thanks Brian, Mikes facebook is under Michael Grady if that helps any one. Praying for your quick recovery Mike.
For the non-Facebookers: The way I understood it they are doing some scopes this morning to look for what's wrong. Internal bleeding is scary.
I had a mysterious loss of blood years ago. They had to inject a dye into me that made my vascular system glow then use a scan to find the leak. Ended up being just a broken blood vessel in my ascending colon. Took me a year to get back to normal. Was no fun.
Thanks for sharing.

Thoughts and many Prayers. Hope you get well quickly.

Randy Ransom
From Jennifer

Jennifer Grady

43 minutes ago near Charleston via mobile.

The Doctor was just in.
Activity level is TO BE SLOW for awhile. Hemoglobin is coming up but still has a way to go.
He gets to come home. Doctor is working on paperwork..
Thank you everyone for EVERYTHING!!! We Love and appreciate each and every one of you. Michael Grady
Just makes me think, been blessed with a lot of good friend's, just need to see them more often. I hope to improve that I have no excuse. GET well Vern I will see you next year!
Thanks for everything guys.....I'm home. Doctor expects it to take me 2 months to get back rolling like I was. I had a duedenal ulcer that just happened to eat right into a vein. They coterized it. I'm on a regular diet.
Time for you and Jennifer to take a vacation.
Glad your back home. Now go away for a couple of weeks.
Ocean side motel.....sounds like a plan!! ;)