Millbridge Speedway 2014 Schedule

We are excited to announce our schedule for our 4th season at Millbridge Speedway and it looks to be the best season yet. We have a lot of major announcements coming in the near future as well as a few great new sponsors who have jumped on board for the 2014 season. Below is a list of all of our Wednesday night Thunder races which will each pay $200 to win in the open division.

March 12 House of Fireworks Opening Night (fireworks show after races)
March 26
April 9
April 23
May 14
May 21 World of Outlaw Night*
June 4
June 18
July 9
July 16
July 30
August 13 Back to School night
September 3 – 5th Annual East Coast Nationals Iredell County Fair $1500 to win
September 5 Millbridge Showdown $2500 to win (Fireworks Show and after party with FREE BEER)
September 6 Iredell County Fair $1000 to win
September 17
September 24
October 8
October 22
November 5 Season Finally

Stay tuned for a few more announcements in the coming months about World of Outlaw Night and NC Race Week.

Also check out this cool video on our new intermediate division we will be kicking off at Millbridge in 2014!

Jeremy Burnett
Millbridge Speedway
6670 Mooresville Rd
Salisbury, NC 28147
704 701 1665
Long ways for us too, but Thank you for posting this so soon!! Makes it easier to try and plan out a road trip for a big race if one wanted to. Wish more tracks follow suit and do the same!
i see 125 results, but dont see rules .. not that id be coming, im way too far away. But I like looking at what the other guys are doing
from the videos i seen on you tube you all have a great track and some stiff competition i might have to make one trip down from KY this year during north Carolina race week
They don't have the 125 class no more. It's replaced with a Thumper X engine which make 20+ Hp,4-cycle, and is Oiled-cooled.
Josheezpapa google thumper X there is a video of them testing them. Marcus Ambros (spelling is wrong) NASCAR driver is the lead on the new series. Would love to get one of these motors for my son.
Check out their website. Haha Bill your right Season Finally over LOL

The Thumper X engine is a 200cc 4 stroke engine that has been fully modified by Marcos Ambrose Motorsports. This is replacing our 125 division at Millbridge Speedway. He is wanting to get these engines at tracks all over the country on Flat Karts or our Outlaw Karts. Millbridge Speedway is the first track to race these engines and they have been doing their R&D out at the track for the past year. The entire engine package bolted on your kart including chain and rear gear is going to be right around $2100-2200. The engine alone will only cost about $1000. The engine runs on 93 octane pump gas and they are completely sealed engines. MAM will have a mechanic/tech guy at the track weekly to make sure they are no issues and to help everyone out. We are running our very first race with them this weekend and will have 5 of them on track. They are slower than the 125 division but are a great step up from the Box Stock Class as they are exactly in the middle speed wise from Box Stocks to our Sportsman class. They have a full gear box and will help the kids learn how to shift and drive a kart with a little more power. I believe it will be a great intermediate division for us.


If we come down for the east coast nationals this year for box stock class do we have to buy a new set of tires to race on?
Yes sir. We have to keep our box stock tires impounded. You can run them at all of our races that week and take them home when you are done. They are only $245 for a full set.