Millbridge Speedway to run Wingless 600 Micros in 2014!

All of us at Millbridge Speedway are working on a schedule and rules to run 600cc Micro Sprints Wingless at our track in 2014.

We are still working out all of the details but will probably run about 8 races on Saturdays (When East Lincoln is off) and around 6 races on Wednesday Nights. The rules will mirror what East Lincolns rules are so there will not be much changing to run both tracks each week.

We will have a couple of test days in March and plan on our first race to be on either Wednesday April 16th or Saturday April 19th.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us at anytime. Also if you are interested in racing with us please post so we can see the response on here.


Jeremy Burnett
Millbridge Speedway
6670 Mooresville Rd
Salisbury, NC 28147
704 701 1665
We have a pretty small track and like the Non Wing racing for these types of cars better. Also we have an overhead transponder system that is not that high above the cars. Plus Non wing racing is awesome!
Sure hope you run the go-karts on some Friday or Saturday nights sense bear creek in Dobson closed down. Can't make it on Wednesdays.
Wingless Micro sprints will have an open practice at Millbridge on Wednesday March 19th. Our first race will be Wednesday April 16th. We will also run Wingless open karts and Legend cars as well.