Millenium champ


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I'm looking to buy a champ buggy and want to know if any one has one and how it does and where you run it thanks:


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I have only seen one of them, and that was 2 years ago, not many around these parts...


John I believe Mr. Rutlidge runs one down by you. The last I knew he loved it. Millenium's new champs are a champ. Not a flat kart with a cage welded to it.

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Ok i know some one has a millenium champ buggy and is running it. Trying to find out about it

We have 2 of them in Deimler's stable 2011's I think, only ever ran one of them any amount we had it rolling good here in central Pa, Night racing and Day racing 1/8th and 1/5th miles mostly,Kart was good and easy to work with.