mini sprint set up?


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Just by the nature of how a mini sprints races, sideways and always on the gas.. I can only imagine that you set them up totally different than a traditional kart or race car.

Can someone give me some major points to address to getting the sprint to drive properly?
600cc sprint, motor on the left .. not sure the chassis maker. 750# total weight.. 135# young driver..

Thanks, trying to help out a guy


Sounds like you have a 600 micro, not a mini sprint, but no problem. All sprints are set up pretty much the same as far as general approach goes. We'll dig around and find some instructions that will help you. First off, is it a torsion bar suspension or a coil over setup? And second, do you know what I mean when I say "blocking" the chassis for setup? That's the one thing that is totally different setting up a sprint car than any other type of race car. It's fast and reliable, and you don't need scales, although scaling the car with no driver in it and a baseline setup, including a known fuel load, is handy for checking for a tweaked chassis down the road. It doesn't even have to be a setup you use at any particular track, it just has to be recorded in detail so you can duplicate it in the future to see if any percentages change after any unfortunate incident. I'm getting up at 4am tomorrow (don't ask, lol), so I won't be back to you before Wednesday PM, but somewhere I have a 600 micro setup guide 6 or 10 pages long that will get you started, and I will get a copy of that file to you asap. It is written by a specific chassis manufacturer, but you can apply it to any 600 micro to get started.

With a 135lb driver (been there) once you get it on the scales at your local track you will probably find that you have to carry 1-2 gallons of fuel more than you need just for the race, to act as ballast. You will find that at a 1/5 to 1/4 mile track you will burn a bit more than a gallon of fuel in a 20 lap main, and that if it's all green flag - yellows will eat up some more.

You are going to have fun with that little beast. :)


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for me blocking might be setting the chassis on the 3 inch blocks(between the frame and rear axle for underslung chassis)and the floor to the frame to get all the parts close before we go to the scales. likely not the same?
Yes micro 10 inch rims.. coil overs I think.. will look this weekend.
looking forward to the info.. can also email to