Minimum sizing for indoor?

Ted Hamilton

Helmet Painter / Racer
Am thinking of looking into building a permanent building for indoor racing (clearspan steel building.) What's the minimum track size for good racing stockers, opens, and winged outlaws? Appreciate your opinions.... Thanks,

Winged outlaws would likely need a little bigger track.. would this be dirt or another surface?
been to some pretty small syrup tracks , 350 on the inside that's pretty small. with dirt I would think youed need at least 450 inside with room on out for 2 other grooves.
1/6th is 880, pretty big building.
Farley was a nice size thought it escapes me as to what , clear span pole type building.
My intended application is dirt oval... I was thinking it will have to be at least hockey rink probably closer to 1/10mi., like BMI's indoor facility claims to be. I am trying to decide whether a clearspan steel building or an inflatable structure is better....inflatable would help with fume control too, though the steel building will have exhaust fans... Keep the input coming! :)
Anything 350 x 150 inside will allow for a great track. I've also seen some GREAT tracks on standard ole sized horse arenas.
About 30 years ago I raced on a HS hockey sized rink. They had a problem and couldn't keep ice down and a local promoter used it as a good time to get a winter exibition race to promote karting. The track was very small.