Minimum Trailer Size

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I'm looking at getting into karting and am trying to figure out all the extras that will be needed. I am currently trying to determine what the minimum trailer size would be to transport the kart to and from the track. I will be pulling with a car that has a 1000 lb limit, hence the curiosity about the minimum size. Would a 4x8 trailer from harbor freight do the trick?
I hauled mine to the track last year in the back of a Volvo station wagon put the kart stand on a bike rack in back hatch. Worked great!!!
^ I'm not the only guy who's put a kart in the back of a V70! ;)

We pulled a 5X8 enclosed with our Chevy Trailblazer (V6) just fine. Had 2 karts stacked in the trailer and a kid kart on the roof of the blazer. :)

Our team grew to 4 karts (2 flat karts and 2 champ karts) so we had to upgrade to a 7X14 about half way through last season. :)

Brian Carlson
harbor freight trailer would be ok for one kart, but keep in mind they have very small wheels on it. I wouldn't be driving over 60 mph on them nor long distance, the bearing will get hot.
The stuff might fit, but I'd suggest an axle up-grade. along with bigger tires , with more load carrying capacity.
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Thanks all. The HF trailer I was looking at was the 1190lb version that comes with the 12" wheels vs the cheaper versions. I'm guessing the rear tires will be slightly over the edge of the trailer?
The HF axle's are a crap shoot and 12" tires will really zing at 60mph. If you have to go on the highway I would pass.
I've seen karts on HF type trailers with no problems, I dont know how fast they pulled them but....
One day I'll get a trailer, but for now my truck bed has gotta be better than a volvo or the roof of a Blazer ,,, aint racers a dedicated bunch :)
Started out 30 years ago with a Northern Hyd. 4'x8' flat trailer. Added a 4'x4'x2' box onto the front and dbl deck rails for 2 karts and was on the road for 350 bucks including the trailer. Just needed a good kart cover to protect from the rain.
Now with traveling and overnights to races you can not do it with out enclosed trailer, then a min size to start is 6'x12'. JMO
Id also agree you need an enclosed trailer, 6'x12' would be the better size to start with if you can afford it, and they can be pulled with your car if you arent hauling a whole lot of stuff in it. With just one kart, one engine, and other random things like gears and tires, tools, i wouldnt think you would overload your car capacity with a small trailer. Id agree that anything over 12' or more than one kart in the trailer and you would want a truck to pull it with. i started out with a 6x12 trailer pulling one kart, one engine and a few sets of tires, with a regular cab ford f150 pickup truck. Iv upgraded this season to a nice 8'x14' trailer with about 10 sets of tires, several engines, one kart, and alot of tools and extra equipment, and that same F150 pickup still pulls the 14' trailer just as good as it did the smaller 6x12, and cant hardly even notice it being back there.
If you can weld and fabricate just build your own. I am almost done with my 4x6 trailer. I have about $250 in it. All I have left is to put fenders on and the decking. Oh yeah I pull it with my Ford Focus. Got some funny looks when I had it strapped to the top of my car going to the track a couple years ago. LOL

My trailor was a "Sno-Bird" from H.D. bought in N.J. for moving stuff to Fl. used as was for yrs, finally got enough cash to buy a bigger unit, but spent it on a Sudam engine, so I built an out-house looking box from 2 x 4's and cheap plywood all screwed , bolted and glued together, still using , but I have another axle with better hub/ bearing set-up.
Build your own from a lightweight flatbed trailer or popup camper frame for half the money at least. If money means more than time to ya. Search my name and look at what im building. Custom built to your needs