Miscellaneous leftovers for sale.


Our season is winding down here are some small parts we would like to unload. Everything is in good condition.
4 quart floor mount gas tank top feed $20
4 black rage flip left front rims various brands $15e
Comp cams degree wheel used once $30
Schu clone blower housing and recoil $10
Animal top plate $10
Billet aluminum animal top plate with pump $30
Large aluminum catch can $15
2 aluminum flywheel screens $5 both
Mismatch gear guards make 2 total sets $10 all
F/h starter nut $5
30” braided throttle tube $2
Set of Infiniti bearing rings $10
8 2.5 pound lead pucks $5 each
18 and 19 tooth bully style drivers $5 each
Square seat slides $2
2 set new dyno hd animal valve springs $8 all
Used .020 animal piston $10
2 floor pans for Infiniti evolution $10 each
Right side nerf from phantom fits Infiniti karts $20
Max torque drum clutch 15 driver $30
Air tank made from propane cylinder $20
Large evolution seat $50
Size 10 impact racing shoes $30
Crow belts punched Jan/15 $25
Longacre air gauge $15
Joes racing air gauge $15
Castor camber gauge $40
Various rear sprockets $5 each
Piles on piles of pavement Vegas most have 2 races $10 each
One 6” rim hole welded and flipped like rage rim $10
One outlaw 10” black rim 5/16 holes $10

I will ship