Mishue Eclipse mach1 Champ Kart


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Concidering trading my 13 slack Axiom for one in nice shape. Anybody have any experience with one on a low grip dirt track? Appears to have Slack rear adjustable cassettes on the back. looks like a nice champ.
pretty sure that is a ward built eclipse kart like mine and flip vorhees, you seen how well we did this year. The champ shouldnt be too far behind... what dollar figure is he looking for if you dont get it I would be interested for pavement/indoors
Yes Ward karting built all of Mishue's karts from late 2006-2011, which included the Galaxy and Mach series karts
The Mach will have Ward clam shells, after all Ward's invented the clamshells
Well I finally got the Champ, thanks Doug. the only thing I see that I don't like is the caster L Blocks have no markings on them. I was told I can get a set from PMI and they will mount. So there not too expensive from PMI.