Missouri UAS race #4


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Saturday October 9th at Bolivar Speedway Bolivar Mo....note...The track is a 3/8th mile banked ASPHALT track, not at all sure what to expect, but it would seem likely there should be karts getting to levels of mph unlike ever before...😳😁


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Seen some pics of the track today....don't know the exact degree of corner banking...but looks to be Lasoski-ish....and again, it's a 3/8mi pavement oval track....😳😁

95 shaw

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In 1989. I raced at the asphalt 3/8 at Lebanon Mo.

Flathead were hitting 70 mph in the draft.
We started 54 karts in a grand prix start.
I missed gear horribly, but led the field into turn 1.
I believe the track had progressive banking, 7 to 30 degree in the corners.

My advice is to be sure your tires are balanced. My lungs hurt for 2 weeks from the vibration in the corners.

The 2 smokers were hitting over 90 mph.

It was awesome fun.
That weather is nice out and thats a big track every class should fly around that thing. They said they were gonna get all the kart racing done at a good time so everyone can head to Twister Alley for last race of the season.