Mixture Control Cables for Briggs Flathead?


New member
I have a couple real nice cables that I assume you hook to the mixture needle on a briggs flathead. The cable I assume runs up to the driver so he can lean or richen his mixture while driving I would assume? I am not real familiar with Briggs flathead racing but my question is "what are the correct name for these?" Thought about listing them in the classified section but not even real sure what the proper name is for them? I also did an online search and really didn't see much info on these but perhaps I was not calling them the correct name. Another thing I wondered is "Are these even legal to use at most tracks?" I bought out a large lot of briggs stuff some time ago and have been sorting through some of this stuff and came across these. Like I said...Briggs Flatheads are really not my thing, but I need to figure out what some of this stuff is so I can get rid of it.