Monticello LO206 gear

Going to the Monticello, FL sprint track for the first time. Looking for a starting gear ratio for Senior LO206 with #35 chain.


I do a 1.6 mile track with 15 or so corners. I run a 21/59 and I do pretty well.


Try going up and down a few teeth on the rear and see what it does. I have found that we need go at least 2 teeth to really see a change. If your lap times get faster try 2 more teeth and check again.


We typically go with a ballpark setting based on passed experience at other tracks. Work on the kart to get the most out of it before the racing starts.. and usually end up dropping a tooth. Don't chase you gearing to turn a set RPM. Get as much RPM from the chassis and driver before changing a tooth...